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Product categorization

TranzX PST Categorization

The TranzX PST product family consists of an extensive variety of components. This enables JD to offer bike producers maximum flexibility and a multiplicity of choices to customize the drive system according to their particular wishes. The adjacent table gives a quick overview of the product range and highlights the different kinds of drive systems that feature TranzX Power Support Technology.

Despite the wide spectrum of products, a two-tiered classification structure enables a quick overview and easy assessment of the different component and electric drive system options that are available. The classification structure helps to separate and simplify two integrated levels – the series of components and the categories of e-bike drive systems. The new structure better illustrates how the different components of the TranzX PST product family can be best combined and ensures that the comprehensive product range is easy to communicate with bicycle manufacturers, dealers and consumers.

Component Series

The first level classifies the TranzX PST product range into 26 system variations. Each of the 26 component series consists of a display, sensor, battery, motor and carrier to highlight how elements can be combined.

The TranzX PST drive system continues to offer unlimited flexibility to bicycle producers. The series categorization enables an easy assessment of various individual component functions and their relation to the entire system. Manufacturers can create, update and easily combine components to configure drive systems that stay within the same product line and price range.

Product Lines

The second level combines the different component series into appropriate groups. These five groups simplify a breakdown of the individual parts into a detailed structure of product lines that seamlessly fit together.

Thanks to the simplified overview, the new TranzX PST product structure allows for an easy ratings evaluation of the TranzX PST drive systems integrated in the different e-bikes. As they additionally function as e-bike labels for retailers and consumers, these groups help illustrate the particular amenities and advantages of their drive systems.


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